Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Con Badges Design Ideas

One idea we've had in the past is to create actual 'con badges' for CalNerdCon. I still want to do this idea and possibly even have them ready in time for VidCon so we can wear our CNC pride! The first step is creating the design. Here are some ideas our members have submitted over on Facebook. If you have an idea as well let us know! Once we have a basic idea I'll make a few final deign ideas and we'll vote over here on the blog.

(via. Jenny Sargent)

(via. Sam Semon)

(via. Amanda Hemingway)

Keep in mind they're going to be around $5 each and we'll need 15 to 20 pre-orders before we have the funds to order the supplies.

Please comment below with your ideas and opinions!