Monday, February 24, 2014

Why We're Called 'CalNerdCon'

Every time I explain CalNerdCon to someone (after asking what a Nerdfighter is) they always ask why we're named 'CalNerdCon' instead of something like 'California Nerd Club'. So I thought I'd ask a few long time members what they think of the name and how'd they describe it to someone. Let us know in the comments what you think of our name! 

I barely remember when we named the gathering, but I remember it was right after Vidcon 2011, which was many people's first time at Vidcon. So we were all more excited than ever about community and conventions, and we were playing around with words like "California nerds" "cal nerd" and then "calnerdcon" in the spirit of Vidcon. Then it stuck. Forever. - Hannah Moroz

Two years ago, one September afternoon in downtown Disney, Jennifer Sargent, our great and powerful leader, told me, and a couple others, that she might want to do this meet up thing more often. I was incredibly ecstatic about this! I wanted any opportunity I could get to hang out with Jenny and also my new found nerdfighter friends. We decided we needed a name, and since the first ever CalNerdCon was soon after Vidcon, I figured it would be funny it these monthly meet ups were like miniature Vidcons, so I thought it would be funny if we were called California Nerdfighter Convention. The name could be misconstrued since we’re not a convention, but we are Nerdfighters in California and we are convening, so I think it’s a fitting name. No matter what anyone else says. Anthony D’Angelo. - Eden Hain

So in conclusion, our name represents who we are, how we relate, and where our passion lies. Because of this, we are in the process of creating convention related CalNerdCon merchandise. The idea I had was convention badges. If you've ever been to a convention or conference you know you have to wear a lanyard with your 'badge' to be allowed in. Obviously it won't become a requirement to attend meetings, but rather a silly accessory or keepsake related to our community. If we get enough interest we will be able to purchase the supplies and sell them for around $5 each. 

Please COMMENT on this blog post if this is something you'd like. Go ahead and create Disqus profile with a username and profile image that is recognizably you. (or to remain anonymous to the rest of the internet, just email us letting us know it's you) In the future we'll use these blog comments for voting on things like community merch.

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