Friday, October 18, 2013

Nerdfighter Halloween Party

Today's meetup post comes to us from member Rachel PerryShe attended this meetup on October 29th, 2011.
Nerdfighter Halloween Party

It’s October 29, 2011 and I find myself at Walgreen’s, the clock is striking 12 or 1am and I’m purchasing black and white face paint. The next day is the CalNerdCon Halloween Extravaganza and Helena and I have gone a bit crazy with costume preparations. Helena’s mother is sewing dresses for us; I’m looking up hair tutorials online; She’s trying to build wings in the backyard.

The next morning, much too early, I’m eating breakfast as Helena and Hannah apply grey face paint to my face and body. I’ve braided our hair, we’ve put on the dresses, and the costume’s are complete.

Next six or so of us Long Beach girls are all piled into a car, and we’re on our way to the park. I remember getting lost and then finally finding the park.

At the park, we played theatre games and exercises. I remembered we had to tell a story but each person was only allowed to say one line of text. We could rearrange the words or only use a few of them, but we were limited to the text. I remember eating lots of yummy potluck food, singing songs, and playing ukuleles. At some point, we took a giant group shot, and it would appear that half of the people blinked. There were a lot of photos that day… Overall it was a super fun day, and I was very excited to see CalNerdCon start to form and grow into the great group it would eventually develop into. We’ve come along ways guys!


(Photos provided by Joy Yamaguchi & Jennifer Sargent)

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