Monday, October 14, 2013

Special Guests: David M. Kennedy-Farner

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm a big nerd, and huge fanboy for too many things to list... But my number one fandom has to be Back To The Future... I'm 25 years old, and I just love spending time with my friends... That's one reason I like CalNerdCon so much!

How did you find out about CalNerdCon?
I met the leader of CalNerdCon at Vidcon 2011 after being a fan of her videos for some time. We became friends and when she asked if I'd be willing to do this meetup thing, I was onboard...

How many meetups have you been to?

Share a memory from CalNerdCon.
God, my memory is terrible, but one of my favorite moments from CalNerdCon is from the Feb. 2012 Prom Night meetup at Camelot Golfland. I always let Jenny take the lead in most situations, but when the discussion of group rates for golf teams came up, and Jenny looked a little overwhelmed, I took over and calculated everything quickly. That wasn't my favorite memory though, it was the little hug from Jenny, and the smile on Jenny's face when it was all over and she thanked me for stepping in. That's what friends are for.

Talk about a nerdy memory.
I'm sure Jenny has heard this one quite a few times. In mid 2011 I had just ran across this cute, quirky, nerdy girl youtuber named TheCreatingCat. And at a random point I ran across said youtuber. And she was shocked as heck to meet a fan. Her first fan I guess you could say. Well, at least the first fan who recognized her in public. TheCreatingCat is now MagicCatJenny and Jenny definitely is magical...

Promote something!
My best friend, myself, and few of my friends have started a small, unregistered production company, and we've got tons of programming coming up soon on


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