Friday, September 20, 2013

Ad Swaps!

Happy Friday CalNerdCon. For now Fridays will be reserved for miscellaneous posts or day offs. Today I give you an opportunity. Have you noticed those images on the right side bar? Those are our blog sponsors. I know that sounds all business-y and weird but it's actually pretty helpful. What we're doing is offering ad swaps with other blogs. So far Jenny's personal blog is the only swap we have but that's why this post exists.

Do you have a blog? If you'd like us to link to it there on the right, all we ask is that you then link to us in return. All of the information can be found here. The current sizes are 200x200 pixels and 200x100 pixels. If the ads are popular we might add a third size. (There will be only one 200x200 ad up at a time.)
If you don't have a blog we also don't mind linking to your Etsy or Storenvy shop, your Bandcamp, or even your YouTube channel. All we ask in return (since you can't really add our banner to those places) is that you pay a small fee per month. This is not a subscription thing, just one month at a time. If you're wondering where the money will go it's all for CalNerdCon. Any money we make off of those ads will go either to promoting the blog (buying ad space on bigger related blogs), funding future meetups, or creating merch.

If you are intrested in either of the two options, email us at calnerdcon at gmail dot com
Lets work together to get the word out there about the CalNerdCon blog, and help you get your stuff out there as well.


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