Friday, September 6, 2013

CalNerdCon - The Blog

(First ever meetup.)

What is this? Why are you here? Why does this need to exist?
If you don't know what CalNerdCon is then I suggest you go here, here, and also here.
Are we all caught up now? Good.

(photo credit: Eden Hain's polaroid via Michael Midnight's Instagram )
Welcome to CalNerdCon...the blog.
If you've explored the site you'll notice how it's set up like a fake convention website. Members can  'register', purchase merch, check the 'agenda' and so on. It's a fun ascetic choice since our name implies we are a convention.
CalNerdCon is one part Nerdfighter and one part YouTuber. The YouTuber side is the inspiration for this blog. I realize the YouTube world and the blogging world are very different. Also, getting YouTubers to regularly check this place won't be easy.
That being said, I am confident CalNerdCon members (and others!) will benefit from coming here.

GOALS - the point of this place
- Provide a way to easily catalogue the growth of the gathering and celebrate the members within it.
- Act as a more comprehensive webspace than just the Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr
- Connect with other YT creators not necessary in CA (past members who have moved, other friends who live far)
- Organize collaborations, either IRL or through sent footage.
- Share knowledge and tips about YT.
- Occasionally (the frequency can and will change) address Nerdfighter things such as charities, causes, Nerdfighter news, and more.

(One year anniversary.)

What now?
We need you! Readers, writers, content creators, members of CalNerdCon, non-members of CalNerdCon, everyone.
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We need your help!
Do you have any photos from any of the meetups?
Interested in being a co-editor?
Interested in being a guest blogger?
If you'd like to be involved, at any level, do not hesitate to email us at:

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