Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Two Year Anniversary

In case you're new, we've been doing this for two years now. Our first ever meetup was at Downtown Disney so when we hit our one year mark, that's where we went. So of course we went back this September, two years after the first CalNerdCon meetup.
It was one of those medium sized meetups where many old faces showed up and lots of newbies came as well. I find that almost every meetup there is always someone new that has found us and I hope that they have a good time and get something out of it. 
The thing that's nice about hanging out with a group of Nerdfighters is that you find at least one thing in common with each other. We are passionate, nerdy, positive people on average so it's not too hard to make new friends in this community. The hardest part is forcing yourself to be put in a situation where you don't know most of the people and then actually talk to them. I admire everyone that has the courage to take that first step.

Over all it was a chill meetup. It was a bit sad seeing as many repeat members have left for college, leaving the rest of us missing them. New friends were made however and no matter where you are, once a CalNerdCon-r, always a CalNerdCon-r. (If you can think of a better thing to call ourselves than 'CalNerdCon-r' please...please, comment below.)

I'm so thrilled that after two years we're still going strong. I still it awe of what it has become. 
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